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A mobile application that is aimed at better informing users about their social network. (Co-designed by Christina Dunbar)

My Role

  • Wireframes
  • Paper prototypes
  • Internal walkthroughs
  • Interface mockups
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Usability tests
SocialQ home screen

This project was for a graduate course that focused on creating prototypes and conducting usability tests.


SocialQ is a mobile application that is aimed at better informing users about their social network. It is not meant to replace any existing social media applications. Rather, it is a supplemental tool to support the user's goal of keeping up with their social network.

Co-creator: Christina Dunbar


SocialQ uses an infographic metaphor to provide users with a more engaging, concise, and informative experience to visualize their social network in real time. SocialQ analyzes unique social network languages and symbols (i.e. likes, hashtags, keywords, emoticons, etc.) to generate an at-a-glance view of the trending topics, emotions, interactions, and profile characteristics that are occurring within a user's network of friends.

scenario storyboard



Low-fidelity prototypes were created and used during informal user tests to identify any usability issues.



The high-fidelity prototypes were developed based on the goals of the project, user requirements, and informal user test findings.



Formal user tests were conducted using the high-fidelity dynamic prototypes to identify further usability issues. Overall, the core features and concept of SocialQ were well received with effectiveness, user friendliness, and learnability having the highest ratings, followed by memorability and interface design. Efficiency scored the lowest rating.

usability test results